Questions. We all have questions. Here are some answers. Need to know more? Give us a call at 715.551.6038 for the answers you need.

1. Q: Where can “Nature Stone” floors be installed?

A: On any solid concrete surface. Common sites are basements, pools, patios, garages and commercial applications.

2. Q: Are Nature Stone floors cold?

A: Just the opposite, Nature Stone floors have an increased “R” value when compared to most other applications. R Values of between 4.0 – 4.45 are an exciting improvement. Depending on type of carpeting and pad used, a carpeted concrete floor has an “R” value range of 0.70-2.10

3. Q: Can custom designs be added to a Nature Stone floor?

A: Yes! From design elements as simple as contrasting borders to as intricate as many athletic team logos, Nature Stone floors can be personalized.

4. Q. How long does it take to install a Nature Stone floor?

A: Generally, the floor is installed in one day. However, every installation is unique, if additional preparation of surfaces, design elements, level of dampness or repairs may require additional time. This is the primary reason an on-site meeting is necessary to determine costs and time commitments.

5. Q: What if my floor has cracks or expansion joints?

A: Minor cracks and expansion joints are correctable with the installation on a Nature Stone floor. Specially design expansion spacers deal with joints, cracks are handled with a custom filling operation and other irregularities are cover in the installation process.

6. Q: My basement often gets covered in water, is Nature Stone a good choice?

A: Nature Stone flooring is porous and allows water to pass through to your sump pump. It is not affected by moisture and naturally dries.

7. Q: How do you clean a Nature Stone floor?

A: It’s easier than cleaning carpet. The most common way to clean a floor is to use an ordinary shop vac. In garage and patio(outdoor) applications a pressure washer can be used ( at low PSI). Remember a Nature Stone floor is porous, dirt and grease are easily removed. In addition, Innovative Creations does provide a service to clean and refresh your floor.

8. Q: Is it environmentally safe?

A: The floor contains a anti-microbial agent to prohibit the growth of mold. It emits no volatile organic compounds and are FDA compliant. In addition because of the low maintenance and long live of the floor less energy is consumed.

9. Q. Is there a warranty?

A: Yes, an industry leading 10 year warranty on interior applications, which covers both labor and materials.