Job Opening

Job Opening: Part Time  Sales Representative for Unique Building Material (Flooring and Counter)

Industry:    Sales, Interior Design, Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Real Estate Sales, Flooring

Target Market:  Residential, Rental, Commercial, Industrial and Governmental locations

Job Description:  Representative will market products to a variety of entities related to the construction and remodeling industry.  Actual sales will be made by contract to the end user (or their designated General Contractor).  Key is to introduce new and different products to existing market.

Experience and background:  Interior Design with sales experience.  Experience in sales in real estate, construction, design (building).  Local knowledge of industry is crucial to success.  Must have local contacts within housing, contracting or design industry.

Job Duties:

  1. Prepare bids and garner signed contracts from purchasers.
  2. Coordinate with internal designer to prepare bids .
  3. Contact referred end users.
  4. Market to architects, designers, general contractors, engineers, furniture stores/interior designers and end users.
  5. Participate in Home Shows.

Narrative:  A combination of unique flooring and countertops are created by Innovative Creations, the representative will build the business by working with the designers and consumers of construction projects.  A wide variety of applications means the representative must be well versed in residential, rental, commercial and governmental purchasing.  Local knowledge of designers, contractors, engineers and architects in essential.  This product has unique properties that allow for a variety of applications and uses, selling to creative end users is the key to success in this business.

Compensation: Commission schedule, based on experience and local knowledge of industry

Email Resume and References* to: Innovative Creations, LLC

*(References from builders, architects, engineers and contractors will be given higher weight in our review)